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Our vision: A brighter, greener Earth. 

with a cleaner environment for everyone and future generations

Giving to the Earth and growing our communities!

Our Goal: 

To Build safe, Eco- Friendly homes for everyone.

Created with green, non-toxic, environmentally


friendly, sustainable supplies. 

Ecoliving llc

when you donate to ...

Going along with Ecoliving's vison and initiative we decided to take the ACTION for change in today's environment one tree at a time... 

Many people these days attend climate change parades and attempt outrageous stunts to try to prove some "global warming activists" movement. Ecoliving knows that actions speak louder than words and to actually make a difference you have to live that in everyday and make a commit to something positive in order to impact the greater Good. Realistically, you have to take everything one step, one tree at a time. This is why for every $50 donated: Ecoliving LLC, will plant a baby tree in a rural area, in hopes of restoring nature amid the deforestation crisis across the world today. OUR PROMISE: is to help grow the Earth in a cleaner way, ONE tree at a time! For more information and legal FAQS: please visit our GoFundMe - www.   When you donate $50 towards a greener future, we will personally send you a picture of the newly planted tree. We plant each tree with care and caution, with proper techniques, ensuring the chance of survival rate is higher. Thank you! :) 

our tree foundation:

Be The Difference


deforestation stats

  • Between 2015-2020 10 million hectares of forest were destroyed every year giving a 35.48% decline for 2015-2020 compared to 1990-2010 and 16.67% decline compared to 2010-2015. 

  • Between 1990-2010 an average of 15.5 million hectares of forest were destroyed every year.

  • Between 2010-2015 12 million hectares of forest were destroyed every year giving a 22.58% decline for 2010-2015 compared to 1990-2010. 

  • 31% of the earth’s surface is covered by forests, approximately 4.06 billion hectares 

  • Only 18% of the world's forests are on land protected from deforestation.

  • Over 420 million hectares of forest have been lost since 1990. 

  • 2,400 trees are cut down each minute. 

  • By the time you finish reading this sentence, another three hectares of forest have been cut down. 

  • 25.8 million hectares of forest were lost in 2020, double the amount of forested land lost in 2001. 

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